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About Us

At KoolKampus we create and nurture a student-centric learning system. Our observations of schooling in India and abroad prompted us to create an extended classroom by empowering Teachers to go beyond school boundaries and allowing students to learn at their own pace.

Our Goal

KoolKampus was started as a way of giving back to society. Our goal is to deliver quality education to schools where Teachers may not be available but where technology can do the teaching via other Teachers. We are currently focused on creating virtual classrooms for urban Institutes where faculty can share academic material with students to access anytime/anywhere.


School Admin

Manages content digitization and distribution. Drives the program as directed by the School.


Creates or leveraged study material & assessments to students and monitors student progress.


Studies at his/her own pace by reviewing study material online. Solves assessments and accesses Time Table online.


Reviews study material with Student. In the loop with school activities. Tracks student progress.

Meet the Team

The KoolKampus core team is made up of a close-knit group of individuals with diverse experience trying to make a difference. This team is backed by dedicated support leaders and staff.


  • Every teacher wants to make learning a fun experience for her students and KoolKampus has been the perfect platform to make student learning, both enjoyable and effective. As a teacher I have been able to stretch my horizons beyond the chalk and board and have been able to contribute ppts, videos and online tests which have added a new dimension to my teaching, all thanks to KoolKampus!.
    Anna Correa
    Principal, St. Stanislaus High School
  • I wish to state that the KoolKampus website has definitely increased my credibility of innovations and creativity in language teaching. It's a back up for class room teaching- learning especially when a child is absent from school. I am enthused to do more since I get a good response in class when I upload my subject matter through PPTs, worksheets and videos.
    Margaret Pereira
    Teacher, St. Stanislaus High School
  • Flip classroom is a concept that made us change the way we look at the entire teaching learning process using KoolKampus. With KoolKampus the students could revisit the difficult concepts with ease and as many times they wished to do so. It also allowed us to use a good mix of time tested teaching methods with apt tools of modern technology increasing our efficiency in terms of concept clarity and making us global citizens in its true letter and spirit.
    Dr. Madhura Phadke
    Principal Pawar Public School, Chandivali.


What is KoolKampus?

KoolKampus is a cloud based education platform. We assist schools in content creation which can then be shared with the school students. We provide a controlled environment for academic content sharing for schools.

How do I register with KoolKampus?

KoolKampus is an education partner to schools. We register schools and subsequently all the students/parents/teachers associated with that school get registered with us. Ask your school to contact us.

How do I access KoolKampus?

Each registered user is given a username and password to login. Login via the website www.koolkampus.co.in or by downloading the Android KoolKampus App

For registered schools, do the users get new logins every academic year?

Once a student is registered, his login information remains the same throughout his schooling years.

My friend belongs to a school that is not registered with KoolKampus? Can he have access to the site?

Without a username and password, unregistered users will not be able to login.

How safe is the online platform -KoolKampus for kids?

All the material on KoolKampus is posted by Teachers from respective schools. It is 100% safe for kids.

What sort of academic content will be supported by KoolKampus?

Academic content in the form of documents, audios, videos and tests either leveraged or created will be supported on KoolKampus.

What do I need to access KoolKampus?

Since KoolKampus is an online platform, access to the internet via computer or smart phone or tablet is required. Regular document viewing software like MS Word, MS Powerpoint, PDF would need to be installed on your PC or Tablet. For Android App, a document viewer and video player will be required.

I forgot my password. How can I get help?

In the login section of the website koolkampus.co.in, there is a ‘Forgot Password’ link. Click it and type your registered email id. Your login credentials will be immediately emailed to you.

Alternately you can always contact us on support@koolkampus.co.in for any queries.

Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in KoolKampus. If you have questions about our company or services, to request a demo or for any queries or suggestions, please fill and submit the contact form below. A KoolKampus representative will get in touch with you at the earliest.

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Contact: +97150 4594447

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